Axell Auto’s Widebody Nissan GT-R Is Pretty Menacing


Based out of Japan, Axell Auto looks to work on a variety of complete car tuning kits with a strong focus on Toyota-branded SUVs and vans. In fact, the Nissan GT-R is the only sports car that they even dabble in, and that’s probably because they know just how important the R35 GT-R is to Japanese enthusiasts. One thing is for sure though, every one of their aero kit offerings are as aggressive as can be, and their widebody GT-R is no different.

It may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but this GT-R sporting a matte black outside and a completely red interior is pretty menacing to look at. We actually dig the widebody and think it was constructed well, flowing with the natural body lines of the car without looking too extreme. The rear bumper offers a ton of contrast to the relatively tame front bumper. There’s vents and slits galore throughout the fenders, side skirts and bumpers, making the kit a little too busy overall. But much like the rear spoiler, a lot of this could have gone worse.

We’d like to have seen Axell Auto outfit their demo car with a much larger and more aggressive set of wheels though.

GALLERY: Axell Auto Widebody Nissan GT-R

axell_widebody_nissan_gtr_1.jpg axell_widebody_nissan_gtr_2.jpg axell_widebody_nissan_gtr_3.jpg

[Source: GTR Blog]