GM Hires Fiesta Movement Marketer From Ford

The Fiesta Movement campaign was a resounding success for Ford, one that enthusiastically introduced to Americans the Fiesta and a new wave of global platform and design collaboration. So what does its social media manager do to highlight this success? He jumps ship to General Motors. Jon Beebe, the man who was in charge of the Fiesta Movement, has recently been hired (some would say “poached”) by GM to be their new chief of digital strategy. Given how social-media-intensive the Fiesta Movement was, it seems Beebe was well-qualified. An award from Ad Age for Marketer of the Year doesn’t hurt, either.

GM has been hiring marketers away from other companies for some time now, most notably Joel Ewanick—of El Camino infamy—from Hyundai. The first rule of automotive marketing: there’s no loyalty in the business.

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