Jens Eklund Builds 1,000-HP Drag Audi A5

Jens Eklund is hardly a stranger to building high-horsepower Audi drag cars, having campaigned a wildly popular 9-second 1,000-hp Audi S6 in the past. He decided that the S6’s styling was becoming outdated, and given just how beautiful the new A5 looks, he decided to build a whole new chassis to terrorize Sweden’s drag racing tracks with.

Nothing looks better than a well-built RWD drag car that still remotely resembles an actual vehicle. Never mind the full on dragsters that hardly look like the car they’re meant to look like; we’re talking about cars like Eklund’s new A5 dragster. Even though it’s clearly a full-on drag race chassis, he’s able to retain the factory body panels given it the proper dimensions that a stock car would have. No elongated front ends here and the result is a very stunning A5 drag monster.

To maintain an engine program that clearly has been working for him, he managed to retain the powertrain from the S6, giving this A5 the same 1,000-hp he’s been campaigning, lighting up the track and storming YouTube with. We can’t wait to see how this new chassis does for Eklund and we bet it’s a pretty sight to see going down the quarter mile.

GALLERY: Jens Eklund 1,000-hp Drag Audi A5

1000_hp_audi_a5_drag_car_10.jpg 1000_hp_audi_a5_drag_car_11.jpg 1000_hp_audi_a5_drag_car_12.jpg 1000_hp_audi_a5_drag_car_15.jpg 1000_hp_audi_a5_drag_car_16.jpg 1000_hp_audi_a5_drag_car_2.jpg

[Source: Jalopnik]