Racing Legend Ron Fellows and Partners Buy Mosport International Raceway

Colum Wood
by Colum Wood
Team Cadillac Racing, Speed World Challenge, Mosport International Raceway, September 3, 2005, race winning CTS-V #12 driver Ron Fellows with second placed Corvette driver Lou Gigliotti (left) and third placed Porsche driver Patrick Long (right), A2005 Richard Prince, photo credit Richard Prince/GM Racing.

He’s not just the “Mayor of Mosport” any more. Racing legend Ron Fellows is now the proud owner of his home track just outside Toronto, Canada.

Fellows, who has won at Daytona, Sebring and Le Mans (4 times) along with businessman and car enthusiast Alan Boughton and real-estate developer Carlo Fidani have purchased Mosport International Raceway from the Panoz Motor Sport Group. The new entity the three partners created to complete the deal is called Canadian Motorsport Ventures Ltd.

In a statement, Canadian Motorsport Ventures Ltd. stated the goal is to, “build on Mosport’s storied history and respected reputation to create new and exciting opportunities for race fans, corporate partners and drivers on an international scale.” With a real-estate partner involved, one has to think Mosport may finally get a much needed spruce-up, adding the sort of country-club feel of tracks like Spring Mountain, Autobahn and Monticello, but at a more hard-core track.

“We want to thank the Panoz Motor Sports Group for making Mosport what it is today – a world class racing venue that hosts some of North America’s best road racing series and a place of inspiration for generations of racers in Canada,” said Alan Boughton, Managing Partner, Canadian Motorsport Ventures, Ltd. “We are excited to pour our racing passion and business expertise into Mosport and look forward to working together with local government and tourism authorities to take this historic race facility to the next level in delivering the best excitement and entertainment motor racing has to offer.”

Mosport International Raceway is Canada’s largest racing facility with a 3.96 km road course, 2.4 km driver development track, a 1.4 km karting track and a half-mile paved oval track. Once the home to Formula 1 events, each year Mosport plays host to its largest event, the The Grand Prix of Mosport, when the American Le Mans Series comes to town.

Having competed as a Corvette Racing factory driver for years, Fellows had a special edition Corvette named after him, which then spawned the Ron Fellows performance driving school held at Spring Mountain just outside Las Vegas. Canadian Motorsport Ventures has not confirmed as much, but the creation of a similar school at Mosport seems likely.

Colum Wood
Colum Wood

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  • Steve DeCarlo Steve DeCarlo on Jul 24, 2011

    Could we ever see Formula One or IRL come to Mosport. I recall Ron saying on Windtunnel that Mosport was a better track for Nation wide series than Quebec Lets speak one language.If the Provincial and Federal governments would get on board and support these venue's a lot of small businesses in the surrounding area could profit a great deal lets quit focusing on TORONTO for a change. After all Mosport is not in TORONTO. If tax payers are forced to spend money on bullshit summits let us generate revenue on a peaceful gathering such as RACING