Chinese Police Rebadge Mercedes ML350 To Look Like Honda CR-V


Residents of Fangchenggang, a part of the Guanxi Province in China, are in an uproar after discovering that the local police had rebadged a Mercedes-Benz ML350 police car as a Honda CR-V in hopes that citizens wouldn’t realize how much money was being spent on the local police department. The silly attempt at covering up the Mercedes may have worked a few years ago, but with more and more car enthusiasts in China these days, it simply backfired on the local police department.

An  ML350 costs around $139,000 in China versus the CR-V’s price tag of a relatively meager $30,000. It’s rather entertaining that they would even come up with this sort of cover-up idea, and it’s even worse that the police are flat out denying that they did anything to the car. With all the criticism of the Chinese government lately of wasting taxpayers money, this is probably the last thing they needed to surface.

But hey, this could just all be a misunderstanding. Maybe the Chinese government really thought they were getting Honda CR-Vs.

[Source: Autoblog]