De Tomaso to Resurrect Pantera at Frankfurt Auto Show in September

De Tomaso is planning to show a new Pantera, one of the most legendary cars ever built, at the Frankfurt Auto Show. Will it live up to the original’s badass demeanor?

Sticking to tradition, the new Pantera will feature American power with a Corvette V8, in the middle somewhere. With a curb weight of 2,645 pounds and more than 600 horsepower, the new Pantera should move like cowboys from hell. De Tomaso is banking on sales of the Deauville crossover—apparently somebody actually paid real currency for one—to fund development of the primal concrete sledge.

Of course one of the Pantera’s most famous owners, a legend befitting a legend, was Elvis. So will the next Pantera be more young Elvis, scandalous and sexy, or Vegas-era Elvis, gaudy and bloated? We hope it’ll be “Hound Dog” and not “Viva Las Vegas,” but judging by its last efforts, we may start booking shows at the Hilton.

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