GM’s Uzbekistan Arm Helps Spur Growth In Russian Auto Market


General Motors has its hands in all corners of the globe, and while most consumers know about their operations in Europe and South Koreas, their arm in the former Soviet Republic of Uzbekistan is shaping up to be quite the powerhouse in the all-important Russian market.

Despite only being in existence since November, 2008 GM Uzbekistan’s operations are credited with a 40 percent rise in sales in the first half of 2010. With 45,217 Uzebkistani-made vehicles sold, GM ranked 10th overall in the Russia market. While GM produces mostly modern Daewood-engineered vehicles in Uzbekistan, consumers can also buy the Chevrolet Nexia (pictured above) based on the wretched Pontiac LeMans which originally debuted in 1986.


Safar says:

Nexia has a lot of defects. quality control is almost zero, i guess

Ozod says:

When it comes to brand, I would say yes we like it, but as the previous person wrote the quality control is zero, even null, in most cases the vehicle Nexia Chevrolet comes with lots of deffects in interior and exterior parts. Dear GM managers and quality control service, pay more attention to these cars and the way how they are made.
Best regards. Owner of Nexia Chevrolet