Kate Middleton’s VW Golf Sells For $78,383

Kate Middleton’s 2001 Volkswagen Golf with 62,000 miles on it, sold for a whopping $74,500 as the Sunday bidding closed on the eBay auction site.

Five bidders fought over the Golf for the last 10 days, and ten minutes before the end of the auction, one person shelled out 48,100 pounds ( $78,383 USD) for the used vehicle. The book value of the 10-year-old Golf is about $5,700 and a brand new Golf sells for $24,000.

Kate Middleton bought the Golf in 2001 while attending the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, and she owned it until 2007 Kate passed the car onto her brother James, who later sold it to 21 year old Sonny Brazil.

“I do believe this will be the best piece of royal history anyone could have,” said Sonny Brazil. Brazil originally said he would include a pair of silver cufflinks found in the car, but has since changed his mind and decided to return them to the Middleton family.

[Source: The Toronto Star]

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