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Amy Tokic
by Amy Tokic

Don’t keep your anger about bad drivers to yourself anymore. Let the world know how you feel about Mr. Never Signals Before He Changes Lanes on

Here’s how it works: Head over to and type in the offending driver’s licence plate number. Pick your province or state from the dropdown menu and hit enter. You can than see what other people have been saying about this driver. You can let them know if they are good or bad and leave a comment about their driving skills (or lack of). While you’re there, upload pictures of people who take up two parking spots or videos that showcase unsafe driving habits. Of course, you should enter all this information once you’ve parked (or else you may end up with a bad rating).

The point of this site is to reduce road rage and let drivers save their fury for the keyboard, as well as make fun of other people’s bad driving habits. Since it launched in beta two months ago, the site has received over 75,000 license plate ratings, and about 70 percent of those have been positive. For the ones that weren’t, here is a sample of a few of the funnier comments posted:

About a bad driver in California: “If your kid is an honor student, perhaps they can teach you how to drive.”

About a bad driver in Texas: “This person drives their car likes it’s a weapon”

About a naked driver in Washington: “We drove past him and I was like ‘Is that guy naked??’ and my roommate was like ‘No, he probably has shorts on’. Nope.”

Check out the site and start rating drivers at

Amy Tokic
Amy Tokic

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