Scion iQ To Start At $15,995

There’s currently an embargo on the long-awaited Scion iQ, forcing us to wait just a little bit longer on official information, but this much has snuck out: the 2012 Scion city car will start at a not-insubstantial $15,995.

That’s a bit more than the Fiat 500 and the Mazda2, which are $15,500 and $14,730, respectively. The 500 and 2 also offer more than 3 seats, in cars that are slightly bigger than a phone booth.

But in the Scion’s defense it will start well-equipped, including Pandora Internet radio, and other models will get available navigation as well as Scion’s assortment of look-like-you’re-going-fast bits. The rollout will start in October with the West Coast, then the southern states in January, the East Coast, and then the Midwest.

Still, that price tag won’t do a good job of convincing Americans that small cars are the wave of the future! With the twice-as-big Nissan Versa starting a whole $5,000 cheaper, maybe this thing will only make sense to New Yorkers or San Franciscans who still find the idea of jamming three cars into one parking space to be a zany idea.

But hey, compared to the Aston Martin Cygnet, it’s a downright steal!

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