Update to Google Maps 5.7 for Android Navigates Public Transit

Sometimes, you need to leave the car at home and take public transit to get to your destination. And on those days, you can use Google Maps 5.7 for Android to navigate your way through public transit systems.

The update to Transit Navigation now includes information for public transit in over 400 cities around the world. You’ll get turn-by-turn and stop-by-stop navigation, which comes in pretty handy if you’re in a country where you don’t understand the language or informational signs.

Using GPS to let you know where you and when you need to get off, Transit Navigation works best above ground – this is a GPS connectivity issue, and not one with the app itself). That means when you’re taking the subway, your service may be interrupted or it may not work at all.

And if you want to play a game of Angry Bird to pass the time, don’t worry – the Transit Navigation app still works to keep you on track. It offers display notifications and will vibrate to keep you in the loop on your traveling route.

There are a few more upgrades to the Transit Navigation (beta) app. The Navigation icon now appears automatically when you’re pulling up directions, which means there’s less to tap to get your turn-by-turn directions. There are also search suggestions and a photo viewer has been built into Google Place pages.

You can download Google Maps 5.7 for all Android devices running OS 2.1+ now on Android Market.

[Source: Cnet]