BMW Dealership Abandoned in 1988 Sits Frozen in Time


In the wealthy suburb of Oakville, Ontario, just outside Toronto, there sits an automotive gem unlike any other: a BMW dealership frozen in time.

The exact details of how this came to be aren’t clear, but according to pieced-together details on the MaxBimmer forum, the owner (allegedly named Helmut) had his license to sell BMWs revoked in 1988. Since then, the dealership has sat, although not entirely abandoned. Early posts indicate several old 3 Series models were once on display, but they have reportedly been sold over the years.

In fact, the owner appears to check in on his eerie time capsule quite often, driving an equally mysterious black E28 (1981-88) BMW 5 Series. And while the dealership, “Citation Motors”, is no longer an official BMW store, the cars are for sale. But according to those who have had dealings with the eccentric owner, he’s in no hurry to sell, with the the near-new 635csi in the showroom window apparently listed for $75,000.

Peek through the glass and there’s more to be seen, like a silver E28 5 Series, not to mention the “period” dealership design, a poster of the M1 and even a beer stein in a display case. But that’s not all, around back, in the service bays, sit two more 635csi models, a 733i dating from between 1977-84 and a what is either an E21 or a 2002.

A lot of unanswered questions remain about Citation Motors, although perhaps that’s for the best. After all, the mystery behind this abandoned BMW dealership is perhaps just as enticing as the window to the past it provides.

GALLERY: BMW Dealership Frozen in Time

Citation Motors Downtown BMW 03.jpgCitation Motors Downtown BMW 05.jpgCitation Motors Downtown BMW 07.jpgCitation Motors Downtown BMW 08.jpgCitation Motors Downtown BMW 9.jpgCitation Motors Downtown BMW 04.jpg

[Source: EndrasBMW]