Concorso Italiano: The Best of the Rest [Gallery]

Colum Wood
by Colum Wood

Sure there are plenty of Ferraris and Lamborghinis at Concorso Italiano, but there’s lots more to be seen at this exotic car show, especially if your interests veer towards the ironic or obscure.

On the more modern side there was everything from a Mansory-tuned Mercedes McLaren SLR, to the stunning Ferrari 599-VX – a car modified by the carbon fiber experts at Vorsteiner.

Some truly rare birds included an Alfa Romeo GTV6 that has been modified by famed Corvette tuner Callaway. Or if you’re looking for American cars with some Italian flare we counted five Cadillac Alantes, with bodies that were not only designed by Pininfarina (the well-known Ferrari, Maserati designer), but even manufactured in Italy and shipped to Detroit for assembly.

Other obscurities included a bright yellow Vector (complete with 3-spoke wheels) and two Alfa Romeo JR Zagatos that will have you feeling like your looking at a retro Italian CRX.

Check out all these cars and more in the gallery below.

GALLERY: Concorso Italiano

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