How Many Kids Can You Fit in a Mazda6 Without Getting Arrested? Not 17

Colum Wood
by Colum Wood
how many kids can you fit in a mazda6 without getting arrested not 17

Have you ever wondered how many kids you could fit in your car before you would get arrested? Of course you haven’t. Then again, neither did a South African man who, in retrospect, probably should have.

The unnamed man (lucky for him) was arrested near Cape Town, driving with 17 children in a Mazda hatchback sedan – we’re assuming it’s a 6 hatch. Aged two to five, three of them were riding up front with the 20-year old driver, while the remaining 14 were piled into the back – making the most of the hatchback’s extensive cargo room with the rear seats folded flat. Not surprisingly, the car’s 14 child cargo capacity was absent from the dealer pamphlets

The “gentleman” in question was arrested, and not just for overloading his vehicle. As it turns out, he was also driving with a suspended license and his car was deemed unfit to be on the road.

[Source: IndependentOnline]

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