Mazda RX-8 Production Ends

Harry Lay
by Harry Lay
Mazda has announced the cancellation of production to its RX-8 rotary engine sports car, because of falling sales and stringent global emissions standards. Production in Hiroshima, Japan, ended in early July and global sales of the car will conclude later this year.
The RX-8 and the three generations of the RX-7 that preceded it, have long been Mazda’s fun-to-drive sports cars. The RX-8 featured a high-revving 1.3-liter, twin-rotor rotary engine that produces 232-hp. The Mazda had a base price of $27,590, including shipping, but the company only sold 1,134 RX-8’s last year.
The automaker peaked with 23,690 RX-8’s sold in 2004. Sales in July 2011 were down 21 percent year over year. U.S Mazda dealers had 300 units in stock on August 1 for a 118-day supply, according to the Automotive News Data Center. In a big let down, Mazda had to pull the RX-8 from the European market last year after the car failed to meet local emissions standards. Mazda couldn’t justify selling the sports car without volume from Europe.
[Source: Automotive News]
Harry Lay
Harry Lay

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  • HWR HWR on Aug 22, 2011

    Awesome news. Now cannot wait until they stop racing those noisy terrible sounding so-called race cars from ALMS and Grand-am series races. They sound like flies bussing around from one pile of dung to another. Cheers

  • Joshua Williams Joshua Williams on Jul 27, 2013

    wow an I'm trying to Buy 1 now a guy did tell me to do a 3 in$tead an reckon$ider But it juzt doesn't look az good