McLaren F1 Designer Gordon Murrary Joins Lotus

Colum Wood
by Colum Wood
mclaren f1 designer gordon murrary joins lotus

Gordon Murray, the man responsible for not only designing, but conceiving the idea for the McLaren F1, is now a part of Lotus.

Murray joints the likes of industry veterans Tom Purvez and Bob Lutz on the brand’s advisory council, giving input on the future direction of the brand. The purpose of the council, says Lotus, “is to give advice and guidance on strategic issues such as product strategy, technology, quality, brand, marketing and distribution for Group Lotus.”

“For years I’ve been a huge admirer of Lotus,” said Murray. “I have great respect for the legacy that Colin Chapman created and I think what Dany and the team are doing is a really good thing for the brand. He’s taking the strength from Chapman’s principals and taking the business to the next level whilst still keeping the general ethos – not an easy task! I’m really looking forward to contributing to Group Lotus during this exciting time.”

As a member of the council, Murray will also continue to run the recently founded Gordon Murray Design company, where he designed and prototyped the T.25 and T.27 city cars.

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