Niki Lauda: Schumacher Should Retire Already

Blake Z. Rong
by Blake Z. Rong

Niki Lauda, former F1 champion and a man who knows a thing or two about a comeback, is looking at Michael Schumacher’s own, and suggesting that it’s time for him to embrace retired life.

Lauda mounted a comeback after retirement himself, back in 1982 after spending two years off the track. He didn’t do so well this time around, however: he finished 10th at the end of the season, 59 points behind his teammate Alain Prost. Wisely, he quit while he was behind. Today, he sees Schumacher falling into the same trap as he did.

“I have always been a big supporter of Michael’s comeback, because I did it, and I know what it’s all about,” said Lauda, to Motor Sport magazine. “I think every sportsman—if he wants to perform as well as Schumacher did in the past—has to be honest with himself. He has kept saying that he needs more time, blah, blah, blah, and he presents himself as the relaxed guy who’s really enjoying it—but inside he’s not relaxed at all, because no top racing driver enjoys being beaten. If he really were as relaxed as he claims to be, then Mercedes should tell him to retire!”

An Italian newspaper reported that Schumacher had considered quitting the Mercedes-Benz team, but Schumi’s manager countered by stating that he was as committed as ever. Who knows what it will take to unnerve Schumacher’s typically relaxed demeanor, and whether he’ll heed Lauda’s advice.

[Source: ESPN F1]

Blake Z. Rong
Blake Z. Rong

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