Rolls-Royce Commemorates Chinese "Year Of The Dragon"

Huw Evans
by Huw Evans
rolls royce commemorates chinese year of the dragon

On the Chinese calendar, 2012 is the ‘Year of the Dragon,’ which celebrates one of the most celebrated mythical creatures in national folklore. Symbolically, in Chinese culture, the dragon represents power, prosperity and good fortune.

How appropriate then that Rolls-Royce Motor Cars should choose to commemorate the ‘Year of the Dragon’ by providing an array of special Bespoke dragon features for it’s Phantom customers.

The Year of the Dragon Collection, includes a twin coachline on each side of the car, incorporating a Dragon that always looks forward in an effort to achieve perfect symmetry. As one would expect, the coachlines are entirely handpainted and draw inspiration from the Forbidden City in Beijing.

Moving to the inside, special Dragon embroidery is featured on the headrests, hand stitched from four different thread colors, Black, Golden Sand, Tan and White. In addition there’s a Dragon passenger panel inlay to compliment the seat embroidery with ‘Phantom’ applied in gold.

As part of the Dragon package, each Rolls-Royce Phantom will also receive two hand stitched rear seat cushions with R-R logos and specific embroidery to match the rest of the interior.

The crowning touch is a pair of illuminated door sill plates which display ‘Year of the Dragon 2012’ in red LED lettering.

“The Bespoke team is privileged to commemorate the Chinese Year of the Dragon with this exciting Collection,” declared Thomas G. Jefferson, Bespoke Sales Manager, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. “This limited edition car embodies the synergy of craftsmanship, creativity and culture in a manner that is uniquely Rolls-Royce.”

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