Saab 9-3 May Get New Name, From Old Model

Nauman Farooq
by Nauman Farooq
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saab 9 3 may get new name from old model
Typically a Saab news story nowadays is either to do with financial woes or plant shut downs, however, thanks to the company’s recent injection of investor cash, both these issues will be dealt with by the end of August.

With plans to move forward, Saab is now talking about the future, with an eye on its past.

According to Tim Colbeck, President of Saab North America, the company might drop the 9-3 name and revive the 9-2 name for its upcoming 2013 model.

The 9-2 was a popular model produced by Saab back in the 1940’s, and while it was resurrected shortly in 2004, it was nothing more than a slightly re-skinned Subaru WRX wagon.

Saab’s CEO Victor Muller is a huge fan of the original 92 and their chief designer Jason Castriota has already shown five possible designs for a future model.

Given Castriota’s design flair and Muller’s love for modern-retro designs, a modern day 9-2 could make its way into showrooms. Afterall, Saab cars were once popular because they were stylish, functional and affordable. That recipe can work for them again.

[Source: Automotive News]

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