Toyota Prius Pickup Truck is Worse Than it Sounds


There’s a huge list of reasons why anyone would want to buy a Toyota Prius these days. But despite its decent cargo space once the rear seats are folded down, the Prius has its limitations when it comes to really transporting anything of significance.

So clearly the owner of this Prius loved the fuel economy but also needed the ability to haul stuff around. Their solution? Simple. They transformed their second generation Prius to a pickup truck… in a scary fashion.

This abomination was spotted in North Carolina and clearly the photos speak a thousand words: the fabrication work to transform the Prius to a pickup isn’t very good. At least there’s a bed destined to carry great things that no other Prius ever will. Oh wait… maybe they should have just waited for the Prius v.

[Source: Worldcarfans]