Audi TT RS Race Car Now Available to Purchase by Privateer Race Teams

Danny Choy
by Danny Choy

Just as the end of racing season draws near, Audi announces the TT RS Race Car is available for private sale. Although it shares its name with the production car, the new race car is nothing like it.

Rather than fitting it with the Quattro system that put Audi on the map, the TT RS Race Car is front wheel drive. Properly German, Audi is completely unfazed by the possibility of torque steer and extracted 380 horsepower from the production 2.5 liter five cylinder turbo. The engine is mated to a sequential six-speed racing transmission with paddle shift.

Other measures to tame this front wheel drive TT include multiple aerodynamic additions designed for extreme downforce and efficiency. An adjustable racing suspension will provide teams a wide range of tuning as well.

If the idea of a front wheel drive race car still feels uncomfortable, fear not. Audi has already put the TT RS Race Car against extensive shakedown prior to its launch. Intended to participate in the German VLN Endurance Championship, Audi’s factory team entered the car into the Nürburgring 24-hour race this past June and earned itself a class victory. It’s final testing was just the end of August, at a six hour racing event again held at Nürburgring. This time, the Audi TT RS Race Car earned the first ever pole grid position of any fwd vehicle and clinched the overall race win. You can’t argue against results.

The Audi TT RS Race Car is available at 180,000 Euros, or approximately $250,000.

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Danny Choy
Danny Choy

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