Lamborghini SUV Likely to Win Out Over Super Sedan

Colum Wood
by Colum Wood
lamborghini suv likely to win out over super sedan

Lamborghini will make a decision on its third model by the end of the year says CEO Stephan Winkelmann, and so far an SUV seems more likely than a super sedan.

Rumors have continued to surface that both a successor to the LM SUV or a production version of the Estoque concept would join the Aventador and Gallardo in the Italian brand’s lineup and the decision looks to favor emerging markets where a high-riding AWD machine would be better suited.

In an interview Lambo’s Asia-Pacific head Christian Mastra comments that in informal discussions with customers in markets like India, China and Brazil, the majority favor an SUV. Plus, Mastra comments, the brand already has history with trucks.

Lambo has already made it clear that this third vehicle is intended to be an every-day car. ‘‘The aim is to go for a car that you can use every day, not a fun car to use on Saturdays,’’ says Mastra.

As for other details, Mastra says the new vehicle will stay true to Lambo’s wild DNA, and could even use a turbocharged engine.

[Source: TheAge]

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