Porsche Will Build Manual Sports Cars As Long As There Is Demand

As automotive technology and innovation continue at breakneck speed, car enthusiasts and traditionalists have been quite outspoken in their opposition against sequential gearboxes and dual clutch systems, arguing that there’s an irreplaceable purity from rowing your own gears.

To the men and women who love to drive, don’t despair. Porsche has been listening. According to Porsche CEO, Matthias Muller, the 911 will offer a manual transmission for as long as it is in demand, which loosely translates to forever. Moreover, an all new, world’s first 7-speed manual was introduced just for the latest Porsche flagship sports car.

The good news doesn’t stop there. Muller also confirms that the 911 GT3 will still be manual as well, denying past allegations of otherwise.

Driving enthusiasts rejoice! Go Porsche!

GALLERY: Porsche 911

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[Source: Motortrend]