Toyota Pixis Space Launched as Brand’s First Ever Mini-Car With 60-MPG

Toyota has just revealed its first ever mini-car for sale in Japan, the Paxis Space. Supplied by Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd., the car is the result of a partnership the two automakers signed last year.

Mini-cars are signified not by size or interior volume but by engine displacement, with the Pixis Space making use of a tiny 660cc engine. Hardly low-tech, the tiny motor receives Dynamic Variable Valve Timing technology as well as turbocharging, although power output numbers have not yet been released. Power is put to the ground to the front wheels through a CVT transmission.

It is, however, quite small, with a wheelbase of 98-inches – roughly two feet more than a Smart fortwo.

These factors combined and Toyota claims a class-leading fuel economy rating of 25.5 km/l, which translates to roughly 60 mpg.

GALLERY: Toyota Paxis Space

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