Andrea Bertolini Claims Superstars Championship With Maserati Quattroporte EVO

Jason Siu
by Jason Siu

With Andrea Bertolini behind the wheel of Maserati‘s Quattroporte EVO, the famed Quattroporte model now has its first racing title. Bertolini captured the Superstars Series championship at the very last race of the season after coming back against Luigi Ferrara’s Mercedes AMG C63 and Alberto Cerqui’s BMW M3. On the way to the championship, Bertolini had the perfect race weekend, capturing a double win, recording the fastest lap and even taking pole position in qualifying. To top it all off, Bertolini’s teammate, Alessandro Pier Guidi, finished second place at the race.

There is controversy surrounding the championship however, as Luigi Ferrara’s team is making an appeal against the race officials confirming the Maserati’s win as legal. The National Court of Appeal will be deciding on the matter, which will be investigated in the near future, but as of now Bertolini is the champion pending appeal – but it seems that Maserati has no doubts in its validity.

This championship just adds to Bertolini’s already impressive collection of trophies, including the FIA GT1 championship in the MC12 he helped develop. Maserati’s Quattroporte EVO beat out ten other manufacturers for the top crown and is the first time Maserati has won the Superstars Series title.

GALLERY: Maserati Quattroporte EVO

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