Dinan BMW V10 Makes 720 Glowing Purple Horsepower [Video]

Danny Choy
by Danny Choy
dinan bmw v10 makes 720 glowing purple horsepower video

Recently, California based BMW tuning company, Dinan Cars, revealed a video of its latest engine project. Beginning with the V10 BMW S85 engine found in the E60 BMW M5, which remains one of the most sophisticated power plants engineered to date, Dinan bored and stroked the displacement from 5-liters to 5.8-liters, and then installed performance cams, a dry sump oil system, and finished it off with a racing exhaust. Custom ECU tuning software allowed the engine to run on 98 octane race gas in order to produce a stratospheric 720-hp at 8300 RPM. You read that correctly. That’s 124-hp per liter from a naturally aspirated V10 engine!

Designed to be used in the Riley Technologies 2011 mkXXV track car, check out Dinan’s engine demonstration video after the jump. More than anything, it’s the blazing plum purple glow emitting from the headers that got people talking. Do not touch!

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[Source: Autoblog]

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