Mitsubishi EVO XI Will Be a Hybrid Confirms Company President

Colum Wood
by Colum Wood
mitsubishi evo xi will be a hybrid confirms company president

Rumors that the next-generation Mitsubishi EVO would go hybrid first surfaced over a year ago and now company president Osamu Masuko has reportedly confirmed as much.

Speaking with the UK’s AutoCar, Masuko said the Evo XI will come with a hybrid powertrain and that it will be on sale within the next three years.

Rumors have suggested the car could be a plug-in hybrid, or that it could use a diesel-hybrid powertrain, helping it deliver substantial amounts of torque from a very small displacement engine.

Several months back came reports that the EVO would be discontinued as Mitsubishi poured substantial resources into developing future electric cars. That was eventually rebuked by Masuko has insisted the EVO would live on, but “evolve” in a different direction.

[Source: AutoCar]

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