Subaru Rolling Out New Product, Technology To Increase Fuel Efficiency

Subaru is looking to increase the fuel efficiency of its vehicles by 30 percent and will introduce new technologies like turbocharging, different transmissions and hybrid systems to help meet those goals.

First up will be a blitz of new product built on an all-new lightweight architecture that will replace the current platform used by all Subaru products. Subaru’s insistence on all-wheel drive means that its vehicles are handicapped in the fuel efficiency stakes, due to AWD’s extra weight and complexity, and the company must take extra steps to stay competitive in this arena.

Subaru will introduce a third-generation boxer engine, a turbocharged boxer with direct-injection and a hybrid powertrain by 2013. Subaru will also launch its new BRZ sports car and XV crossover (pictured) within the same time period.

[Source: Automotive News]

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