White Beats Out Silver As The Most Popular Color For Cars

You wanted to stand out from all those silver cars on the road… that’s why you went with white. Guess what? A lot of other people all over the world had the same thought, and the result is that white has overtaken silver has the most popular color for cars.

According to paint supplier PPG, white vehicles made up 21 percent of all new cars sold for the 2011 model year. Silver came in second with 20 percent, but so did black, forming a two-way tie for the most popular color worldwide.

Breaking it down into markets, you can see how the numbers change up. New car buyers in Asia bought 25 percent of new cars in silver, followed by white at 23 percent, black at 17 percent and red at 10 percent. In Europe, 26 percent of buyers went with black, followed by white at 19 percent and silver at 16 percent. Looking at North America, 20 percent of 2011 models purchased were white, 19 percent were silver and 18 percent were black.

In their polling studies, PPG also found that 77 percent of new car buyers said color was a factor in their decision to purchase a certain vehicle, while 48 percent said they generally choose products based on color. Going further, 31 percent said they would pay a premium for the ideal vehicle color. Are you surprised that color is a major factor in our buying habits? You shouldn’t be. “Color is one of the most basic means of human expression,” said Jane E. Harrington, PPG manager, color styling, automotive coatings. “The palette of colors being developed for the automotive segment is being influenced by culture, nature, fashion, interior design, media, auto shows, color popularity and new pigment technology.”