2013 Ford Escape Gets “Kick” Operated Self-Opening Liftgate [Video]

As automakers seem intent in adding more and more easy operating gimmicks to the cars and trucks we buy, it raises the question, what could possibly come next? To its credit, however, the self-opening liftgate on the new 2013 Ford Escape, which can be activated by a gentle kick to the bumper instead of requiring the use of a key, is arguably one of the better ones.

Scheduled for an official introduction at the LA Auto Show later this month, the new Escape is the first SUV to utilize this “gesture-based” technology, similar to that found in motion activated video games.

It works by using two sensors located in the bumper to detect an individual’s kicking and shin motion and, according to Ford, is able to provide a safeguard against accidentally opening the liftgate because the software has been programmed to open with leg motions, so no worries about groceries spilling out of the back on bumpy roads.

The new Escape, built off Ford’s C-Class global architecture, promises to be more car-like than ever, with standard four-cylinder engines, including 1.6 and 2.0-liter EcoBoost variants, designed to provide a good blend of performance and fuel economy.

To see the kick-operated liftgate in action, watch the video after the jump:

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