Ferrari FF Burns to The Ground, is It Just the First? [Video]

Danny Choy
by Danny Choy

A rite of passage of sorts for new Ferrari models, reports have surfaced of a brand new $300,000 Ferrari FF spontaneously catching fire and burning to the ground. The driver of the FF reportedly heard a bang coming from the rear following a rise of flames during his test-drive in Frankfurt, Germany. Pulling to the side of the road and escaping from the car, the driver of the FF sustained no injuries.

Last year news emerged of several Ferrari 458 Italias catching fire. Then, the cause was discovered to be an issue regarding the engine heat shields around the Italia’s V8. As the FF’s V12 engine is up in the front, one could assume that heat reflectors surrounding the FF’s exhaust may be the cause this time around. No recalls or investigations have been announced.

Check out the video of the fire below.

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