Next Generation Nissan Titan Won't Bow Until At Least 2014

Jason Siu
by Jason Siu

The next generation Nissan Titan is taking a backseat to development, with the inevitable refresh probably not surfacing until the 2014 model year. That’ll make it almost a decade since the Titan was originally introduced in 2004 before Nissan shows off a new generation of its popular pick-up truck.

Several factors have impacted the delay in the next generation Titan’s development, with the unfortunate tsunami and earthquake in Japan being one of the major ones. Nissan also originally had an agreement with Chrysler to build a new Titan based on the 2011 Dodge Ram, but that fell apart when Chrysler entered bankruptcy in 2009.

Nissan has teased in the past that the Titan could benefit from a plethora of powertrain options including smaller engine options, an enhanced V8 option or even a diesel We’ll keep our fingers crossed that Nissan shows off something soon, the Titan is surely becoming outdated and desperately needs a makeover.

[Source: LeftLane News]

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