Suzuki Concept Cars are Cuter than Hello Kitty: 2011 Tokyo Motor Show

Suzuki Concept Cars are Cuter than Hello Kitty: 2011 Tokyo Motor Show

There’s the Honda N-Box and the Daihatsu Pico, but nothing at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show can compare to the extreme levels of cuteness on display at the Suzuki booth.

In total, Suzuki has presented three new concept cars, ranging from near-production to downright absurd. In the latter category is the Q Concept (above), which looks more like a Discman (remember those?) than a car and offers an emissions-free electric range of six miles.

Next up is the Regina concept, which looks close to production, with a fresh styling perspective and a conventional gasoline engine. Thanks to significant attention paid to weight reduction, it manages an incredible 72.3-mpg.

Finally there’s the Swift EV Hybrid, which gets its confusing name from a range-extender powerplant similar to that found in the Chevy Volt. Offering between 12 and 18 miles of electric travel, the gasoline engine then kicks in to recharge the batteries to deliver added range.

GALLERY: Suzuki Q Concept

Suzuki Q Concept 01.JPGSuzuki Q Concept 03.JPGSuzuki Q Concept 06.JPGSuzuki Q Concept 07.JPGSuzuki Q Concept 08.JPGSuzuki Q Concept 09.JPG

GALLERY: Suzuki Regina Concept

Suzuki Regina Concept 05.JPGSuzuki Regina Concept 06.JPGSuzuki Regina Concept 01.JPGSuzuki Regina Concept 02.JPGSuzuki Regina Concept 03.JPGSuzuki Regina Concept 08.JPG

GALLERY: Suzuki Swift EV Hybrid Concept

Suzuki Swift EV Hybrid 01.JPGSuzuki Swift EV Hybrid 02.JPGSuzuki Swift EV Hybrid 03.JPGSuzuki Swift EV Hybrid 04.JPGSuzuki Swift EV Hybrid 05.JPG