Amp Electric Vehicles Debut to SUV EV at Detroit Auto Show

Jason Siu
by Jason Siu
amp electric vehicles debut to suv ev at detroit auto show

Amp Electric Vehicles announced that they’ll be heading to the 2012 Detroit Auto Show with a new electric vehicle based on an iconic American SUV. What SUV Amp has electrified this time around is not known, but recently they debuted their Mercedes-Benz ML, so it might not be a far reach to anticipate a Jeep Grand Cherokee EV.

In a recent interview, Amp CEO Jim Taylor expressed his wishes to produce another SUV that would be more affordable and use a domestic platform since they scrapped their plans for a Chevrolet Equinox EV. Amp did announce that the production EV SUV would offer 100-miles of electric range or more, while offering the same appearance and capabilities as the platform that it’s based on. Even cooler, those attending the 2012 Detroit Auto Show will be able to not only check it out in person, but go for a ride at the show’s Ride & Drive track.

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