ASIMO Through the Decades: a Sometimes Scary History in Pictures

Colum Wood
by Colum Wood

Recently AutoGuide had the chance to visit the Honda Collection Hall at the company’s Motegi race track facility. The museum holds more than just motorcycles and cars, however, with an entire section dedicate to the brand’s humanoid robot.

Honda’s latest updates to the robot include autonomous movement as well as fully functioning hands, but it wasn’t always that way, with ASIMO (Advanced Step in Innovative MObility) starting life as the Eo. That robot was simply a pair of legs, which first took steps in 1986.

This E-Series of robots then became the P-Series, with some particularly frightening examples below. Perhaps the most alarming (and one that would make us pass on the job of night security at the Honda Collection Hall) is the massive 6’3″ box-headed machine, which tips the scales at 386 lbs. It absolutely dwarfs the current model at 4’3″ and just 119 lbs.

Browse through the gallery of ASIMO development below and be sure to check out our Honda Collection Hall gallery of cars here.

GALLERY: ASIMO Development

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