Electric Ford Mustang Under Development

Jason Siu
by Jason Siu
electric ford mustang under development

True Mustang lovers could never dream of the iconic muscle car without a GT badge and a burly V8 engine. Sure the V6 might have over 300 hp, but, well… it’s not the V8. So imagine what the legions of die-hard ‘Stang fans would say if Ford rolled out an electric Mustang?

Interestingly enough, reports – or rumors – are surfacing that Ford is doing just that. In fact, one source has confirmed that an electric Mustang prototype already exists.

As wild an idea as it seems, it’s really not that unbelievable. Many automakers are investing in all-electric vehicles, with some being variants of their current popular models. Audi‘s E-Tron and BMW‘s i-Series are great examples that electric vehicles could be stylish and sporty, while Tesla paved the way when it came to building an appealing electric sports car.

[Source: Car Driven]

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