Honda Planning Lighter Vehicles

Jason Siu
by Jason Siu
honda planning lighter vehicles

Honda is looking into developing new manufacturing processes in order to make their vehicles lighter and to help lower manufacturing costs. But first, Honda plans to spend tens of billions of yen to revamp their production lines in Japan and overseas to use these new methods of manufacturing.

Some of these new processes that Honda’s incorporating involve welding other panels to the frame – such as the ceiling and side panels – rather than using bolts and reinforcing materials. Ultimately Honda is looking at scaling back on materials, parts and processing steps to produce their vehicles, and the process began with their recently launched N Box mini vehicle.

One of their main goals is to help advance the time it takes to enter emerging markets and by making vehicles lighter and cheaper, it’ll help expedite that process. With the N Box, Honda was able to make the vehicle 10-percent lighter and lowered the manufacturing costs after modifying one of the two production lines at its Suzuka plant.

Honda’s more immediate vehicle plans, as part of its Earth Dreams Technology initiative include the addition of direct injection technology across its lineup, as well as the use of CVT transmissions.

[Source: Reuters]

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