Honda Worker Stopped By Authorities In Alabama Due To Immigration Laws

Jason Siu
by Jason Siu
honda worker stopped by authorities in alabama due to immigration laws

Alabama has taken on the toughest immigration laws in the country and has begun to crack down on illegal immigrants, immediately affecting the fifth largest automotive manufacturing state in the country. A second foreign auto worker was issued a citation at Honda‘s factory in Lincoln, Alabama on Wednesday.

The new immigration law requires proper identification to be shown during routine traffic stops. Those that police suspect of being in the country illegally can be immediately detained. Honda already issued out a statement that the person in question, a Japanese national, is working with authorities to resolve the matter.

This isn’t the first auto worker that has had to deal with the new Alabama immigration laws. Earlier last week, Detlev Hager, a German executive, was arrested when he didn’t have a passport or driver’s license with him. The charges were later dropped and Hager was let go.

[Source: Reuters]

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