MINI Rocketman Concept Headed To Production?

Jason Siu
by Jason Siu

MINI‘s Head of Design, Anders Warming, was recently reported to say that a production version of the Rocketman Concept is “on my Christmas list.” Perhaps a hint of things to come, Warming continued to praise the Rocketman Concept by saying that it’s “a clear leap forwards” and is a car to “claim the true heritage of the brand.”

Warming also spoke about the new MINI Roadster at the annual United Kingdom press dinner, stating “The Rocketman and Roadster are part of an ongoing dialogue with customers that asks, ‘What can we do with Mini?'” Heading into the future, MINI will continue to strive to be the smallest car in the segment with lightweight engineering and class-leading efficient engines.

At the end of the day however, Warming reiterated that the Cooper hatchback will remain at the center of the MINI brand name but hopefully the Rocketman Concept does become reality as it’s a great looking vehicle.

GALLERY: MINI Rocketman Concept

[Source: Inside Line]

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