MINI Ultimate Test Drive Winner Picks: Stewardess, Salt Flats, Sushi, Paratroopers, Falconer

Stephen Elmer
by Stephen Elmer

Mathew Foster, a resident of Portland Oregon, found himself roaring across the salt flats in a MINI Coupe being fed sushi by a stewardess while paratroopers flew by overhead. Was this some kind of bizarre dream or hallucinogenic episode? In fact this was a reality for the Portland man after winning a contest held by MINI offering the best test drive ever. Period.

During October of this year- or as MINI calls it “Motor-tober”- the quirky British automaker held a contest which offered to make any unusual test drive requests a reality for consumers. The catch was that contest entries had to be a grand total of six words long. The company vowed to choose the most entertaining, energetic, and attention worthy test drive submitted.

Out of over 14,000 entries submitted they narrowed it down to one: Stewardess, Salt Flats, Sushi, Paratroopers, Falconer. This interesting combo of words came together to produce Mathew’s unique experience on the salt flats.

Mathew’s entire test drive experience was filmed and will debut on MINI USA’s Facebook page, Youtube channel and also in 2,707 theatres across the U.S.

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Stephen Elmer
Stephen Elmer

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