New Years is the Worst Day For Drunk Driving


No real surprise here, but analysts have revealed that New Years Day is officially the worst day for drunk driving accidents. That includes the time the countdown ends on New Years Eve, when drunk drivers start the New Year off in idiotic fashion by getting into their car.

Half the fatal crashes that occur on New Years Day involve a driver that was considered drunk according to an analysis by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The analysis is the result of reviewing and averaging statistics from 2005-2009. The Fourth of July came in second while March 18th – St. Patrick’s Day – was third.

New Years Day is also the most hazardous day for pedestrians with an average of 22 deaths per year. Halloween is second with 20.

So to all those out celebrating tonight, make sure to have a dedicated driver, get a cab or just stay over.

[Source: New York Times]