Scion FR-S To Get New Variants Every Year

Jason Siu
by Jason Siu

The hype surrounding Scion‘s new FR-S may very well be deserved, but it looks like it’s just the beginning for the sports coupe. Project manager Yoshinori Sasaki expressed his hopes for a new variant of the FR-S per year, possibly similar to the existing Release Series that Scion has in place for their other models.

With the goal of making their new sports car loved by many for many years to come, revised FR-S models could be continuously improved upon for quite some time. Of course that all depends on the demand of the FR-S and how well it sells once it’s released. So what are the chances that we’ll get a version of Toyota‘s supercharged GT 86? Probably good, as Sasaki claims that “we will keep up” with whatever Toyota comes out with in Japan and whatever Subaru ends up offering on their BRZ.

It’ll be interesting to see what direction Scion ends up taking with the FR-S in order to attract the right market. Variants that offer more than just styling and interior accessories will go a long way with the enthusiasts. Hopefully brake upgrades, suspension offerings and performance will be made available.


[Source: Motor Trend]
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