Yelp Becomes First App For BMW ConnectedDrive

Jason Siu
by Jason Siu
yelp becomes first app for bmw connecteddrive

BMW has expanded its ConnectedDrive services by adding applications to those who subscribe to BMW Online services. The first of these applications is from Yelp, aiding drivers in finding restaurants and other points of interests easily.

Yelp has become the place to go on the Web for user-generated reviews and feedback on all sorts of stores from restaurants to shopping to nightlife. Now through BMW’s Online service ($99/year) users will be able to install the Yelp application and see the ratings and hear the reviews through the vehicle’s text-to-speech feature.

BMW will be seamlessly adding applications to those who subscribe to the yearly service and they anticipate many more applications to come with Yelp just being the first. BMW Online is available on the following models with on-board Navigation systems:

2009-up BMW Z4, 1, 3, and 7 Series

2010-up BMW 5 and 6 Series

2010-up BMW X5 and X6

2011-up BMW X3

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