2,500 Toy Cars Used To Create Work of Art

2,500 Toy Cars Used To Create Work of Art

What do you do with your toy cars when you get too old to play with them? You turn them into a colorful work of art.

That’s just what UK artist David T. Waller did. Titled the Toy Atlas Rainbow, Waller used 2,500 old toy cars to create this whimsical piece. In fact, the Toy Atlas Rainbow has already gained some serious props – last year, it won the People’s Award at the Arts Depot Open.

We wonder how long it took him to complete this art piece and if he was ever tempted to play with the toy cars when he needed to take a break from work. We think it’s a pretty cool way to get auto lovers involved and interested in the art world. What do you think about the Toy Atlas Rainbow? Leave your comments below.

[Source: Colossal]

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