750-Acre NOLA Motorsports Park Will House Longest Track in North America


Avondale, Louisiana will become home to NOLA Motorsports Park, a new 750-acre, $60-million racetrack that is destined to become the longest in North America.

Currently a second track is being developed, and once completed in 18 months will join the existing 1.8-mile track to create a 5-mile course which will make it the longest racetrack in North America. In addition to the 5-mile racetrack which will undoubtedly house some of America’s finest race machines, there are three go-kart tracks totaling 1.4 miles and an 8-acre paved area for autocrossing.

Looking to attract some high profile events and possibly automaker test drives, the Avondale Motorsports Park will also have a restaurant by chef Scott Boswell, a 34,000-square foot clubhouse/event center and plenty of lots for members to build their own upscale condos over garages that are being called “Garage Mahals.”

The plans for the Motorsports Park were originally announced in September 2009 by retired doctor Laney Chouest (seen above), who is funding the project on his own. His original plan was a $30 million facility to be built in three phases, but like most projects that involve cars, it has turned into a complete monster, doubling in size and price.

The park is located 14 miles from the New Orleans Central Business District and General Manager Mitch Wright reports that the park already has 40 people signed up for family memberships, which runs $50,000 for life or $9,000 per year. Open track days will range from $325 for cars and $225 for motorcycles which grants you six 20-minute sessions. Karting as expected is much more affordable at $20 for a ten-minute run.

Interestingly enough, the park isn’t built for large spectator events but temporary grandstands could be erected for crowds up to 20,000. The track will have no walls ensuring that off-course racers can stop without crashing.