Acura ILX, RDX Production Models Heading To Chicago Auto Show

Jason Siu
by Jason Siu

Acura will reportedly unveil the production versions of the new ILX sedan and RDX crossover at the upcoming 2012 Chicago Auto Show starting on February 8th. Both vehicles were displayed at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show in concept form but we don’t expect the production models to stray much from the concepts we saw.

It’s a safe bet that the production RDX that’ll be making its way to the Chicago Auto Show will have very minimal, if any changes. The ILX sedan however, had the majority of its interior hidden at the Detroit Auto Show, so Acura will probably be showing off a more complete interior at Chicago.

The ILX will come with three different powertrains: a 2.0L four-cylinder with a five-speed automatic transmission, a 2.4L with a six-speed automatic, and a 1.5L four-cylinder hybrid powertrain borrowed from the Honda Civic Hybrid. Hopefully Acura will also confirm the pricing on their ILX sedan, which they said at Detroit Auto Show will be “well below $30,000.”

Beyond these two models, Acura’s next big reveal will be an all-new RL flagship luxury sedan, which will be revealed at the New York Auto Show in April.

GALLERY: Acura ILX At Detroit Auto Show

GALLERY: Acura RDX At Detroit Auto Show

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