Ford Changing Slogan To “Go Further”

Ford is deciding to change up its slogan yet again, this time clearly paying tribute to its confidence from making a comeback over the last few days. The new slogan, “Go Further” is intended in part as a warning against complacency after three years of profits, executives say.

The new slogan will be seen in various marketing campaigns by Ford, replacing their “Drive One” slogan in North America and their “Feel the Difference” in Europe. Over the past five years, CEO Alan Mulally has lead Ford’s turnaround under a global motto of “One Ford”, helping unify the American automaker’s operations and putting an end to executive infighting.

Clearly things have worked out well for Mulally as Ford is expected to report its 11th consecutive quarterly net profit. Now the goal for Ford is to look ahead and continue improving rather than being content with where they are at. Mulally introduced the “Go Further” slogan to his employees in a New Year’s message and it has already been used in advertisements and on Facebook out in Europe. North American and India markets will be introduced to it later this year.

Elena Ford, Ford’s global director of marketing and the great-great granddaughter of Henry Ford believes the new slogan is a reminder to employees that they had to set the bar higher after recent gains. In her own words, “We go further so you can.”

[Source: Automotive News]