Ford’s Detroit Auto Show Booth Will be “Auto Version of Disneyland”

Ford’s Detroit Auto Show Booth Will be “Auto Version of Disneyland”

Ford is pulling out all the stops for the upcoming Detroit Auto Show, creating an exhibition floor featuring a series of interactive displays that will help attract visitors at the show and bolster the image of both Ford and Lincoln.

According to Ford’s president of the Americas Mark Fields, “A positive experience is a positive image for the brand.” The Ford exhibition will feature a circular stand where 12 people are strapped into a carnival-like elevator ride that will lift them into the “cloud,” presenting the riders with an IMAX-like video experience that celebrates Ford’s vision and the extent its products, people, and the environment intertwine. The ride will be called the “Cloud Journey.” Visitors can even share their experience with friends by posting a video of their “Cloud Journey” on Facebook.

In addition, the Ford exhibit will also provide simulator booths that will mimic the excitement of riding in a Ford Fiesta ST hot hatch or the mighty Mustang Shelby GT500. Best of all, the simulator can also demonstrate the incredible driving skills of racer Ken Block in a “Gymkhana” motorsports video.

Ford’s premium brand, Lincoln promises a unique experience that will allow visitors to see the brand in a new light.

Mark Fields called Ford’s upcoming Detroit exhibit, “the auto version of Disneyland.”

Mike Beracchi, a marketing professor at the University of Detroit Mercy, says, “Getting noticed is Job One at the auto show. Drawing attention to vehicles is what an auto show is all about. For attention you need an attraction.”

Last year, 97% of the 735,000 Detroit Auto Show attendees visited the Ford display and 88% rated the experience as positive.

[Source: Detroit Free Press]