2012 Kia Soul Red Rock Special Edition is Expensive

Stephen Elmer
by Stephen Elmer
Kia Motors America releases Red Rock Soul Special Edition inspired by New York Auto Show concept (shown). (PRNewsFoto/Kia Motors America)

The Kia Soul Red Rock special edition draws its inspiration from the American Southwest rock formations that dominate the landscape. The package debuted at the 2011 New York auto show and has now made its way into a production model.

The Red Rock will come in a model specific color known as Canyon, kind of a dark red and brown, clearly inspired by the rock canyons of the southwest. Also exclusive to the Red Rock special edition are black, high gloss front fascia and mirror housings as well as black leather trimmed brown cloth seats. Automatic climate control and heated front seats come standard with the special edition package.

This is the seventh special edition package that Kia has unveiled for the vehicle. The Red Rock Soul will sell for $20,600, a little expensive it seems for just some styling bits and unique color, but if you truly love the American Southwest, maybe you will be enticed into buying one of these specialized Souls. If not, the base model starts at $13,900.

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Stephen Elmer
Stephen Elmer

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  • Brian Brian on Mar 01, 2012

    if the "little expensive for styling bits and color" part was a serious remark you're an idiot....the Soul ! starts at around this price and a $2,400 option ads leather, heated seats, push button start, etc... By getting this "special edition" you essentially get stuck with that one color, but they give you the $2,400 package for free... So, in fact, its cheaper than getting a regular ! with added options. For 54 cubic feet of storage, 35mpg, high groung clearance, plenty of visibility, fun driving, 164hp, more leg room in the rear than any car in its class, a ton of headroom, and leather, climate control, push button, and heated seats, its probably the best value you can buy if you can get over the styling. Maybe try doing your homework before typing this crap

  • Barb Barb on Mar 24, 2012

    Just bought this car for UNDER $24000. This included all taxes, fees, title costs, AND the Xilon treatment. It is loaded. It is an ! . NOT a BASE Soul. It has the BIGGER engine. Not the 1.6. It has Cruise, Sunroof, Heated seats, back up camera, electroinc lock system, darker tinted windows. A spoiler, rear compartment cover, Metal flake paint, better lights , blue tooth, and an upgraded stereo system. The aurthor of this article should get their FACTS straight before they write someting like this. It does have some outside noise, but with the upgraded stereo system with a "woofer" (whatever that is) you dont hear a thing. I blow the doors off the cars next to be. And as far as the UPS comment, well, She is also Hershey Kiss Brown. My grandkids say I have a " SWEET " ride. The color is only what the buyer likes or dislikes. Buy this with the upgrades , if available, and see how much it is. I LOVE my Soul........