Ferrari 620 GT Sounds Vicious in Teaser Video

At the upcoming 2012 Geneva Motor Show, Ferrari will debut what the company claims to be the “most powerful Ferrari ever.” A statement which will be hard to backup, considering the Ferrari Enzo FXX makes 790 hp.

This newest offering will be the successor to the Ferrari 599 and is believed to be called the 620 GT, although a different name may be revealed at the official unveil in Geneva.

To speed up our hearts before the car is released, Ferrari is teasing us with about 20 seconds of footage of the new beast making its rounds on the track. Dressed in camouflage, the new supercar is still yet to be seen, but this video isn’t about looks, its all about sound. The exhaust note is enough to send a shiver up any Ferrari enthusiasts spine.

Watch the video after the jump, but more importantly listen to the fine tuned engine of the apparent, “most powerful Ferrari ever.”

GALLERY: Ferrari F620 Spy Photos

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